Methods of Payment

We provide you 4 modalities of payment for greater ease and convenience.


After completing your order, the elements needed for payment are made available: entity, reference, and amount. This method of payment is free.
The transaction receipt serves as confirmation.

MB Way:

A Multibanco solution that allows you to validate payment for your online purchases using information sent to your smartphone. This method of payment automatically notifies the seller of the payment.


A secure method of electronic payment, PayPal fees are added (the amount of fees will be shown when selecting this method of payment in the shopping cart).

Bank Transfer:

You can make your payment at the closest Multibanco or through their home banking. At the time of your order you will receive the respective NIB / IBAN. Your order will be sent after confirmation of payment. This method of payment is free.

IBAN – PT 50 0033 0000 4525 5117 5890 5
Millenium BCP – Miranda do Douro

All orders for which payment confirmation is not settled within a maximum of 5 days will be canceled.

Payment using the Multibanco reference is only valid for Portugal.