Douro Collection

The Douro Collection is a set based on 4 graphical ideas applied to the Ellegance blade and its wooden box, which are intended to describe visual scenes of the descent of the Douro river from where it enters Portugal until its mouth. 

It contains representations of the following themes:

  • Birds of prey, stylized here in the figure of the Peregrine Falcon, which populate the admirable Mirandese Plateau and are the joy of ornithologists;
  • Shale, the predominant type of rock, used throughout time in the construction of walls and houses, famously present in the upper Douro.
  • The Terraces, an emblematic figure in the Alto Douro wine region, which house the grapevines that generously provide us with the purest of nectars [Port wine].
  • The typical casarios houses, which announce the arrival of the river at its mouth, in the sublime city of Oporto and graphically describe the memorable riverfront area, one of the oldest and most typical locations in the city.

“The strongest trait of Northern Portugal was designed, side by side, and is called the Douro.” (…) Alexandre Herculano


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